APC Overhead Expense Insurance Workshop Header

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if you were suddenly affected by a disabling illness or injury? Business Overhead Expense Insurance allows you to protect your business while you recover – and ensures you’ll have a business to return to.

On June 28 at 2 pm, Access Plus Capital financial representative Esosa Imoisili is hosting a FREE workshop in which he’ll explain the ins and outs of Business Overhead Expense Insurance. Esosa will be joined by a representative from Principal Financial Group, who will answer questions like:

  • Why might I need Business Overhead Expense Insurance?
  • What does Business Overhead Expense Insurance provide?
  • When and how does it kick in?
  • What are my coverage options?

To RSVP for this free workshop (or ask questions ahead of time), click the button below to email Esosa.