CA Rebuilding Fund

November brought the close of a 2-year California Rebuilding Loan Fund program, a monumental loan product offered by the State of California to assist small businesses adversely impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

In the greatest time of need, California supported its small business owners by creating one of the most affordable loan products offered by the state.

“The beauty of the California Rebuilding Loan Fund was its streamlined loan process,” said Janay E. Conley, Business Development Manager at Access Plus Capital. “From application through loan origination, borrowers were able to gain access to funds more quickly. The program was a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis and was geared towards getting the funds into the hands of small business owners so that they could get back to business.

The State chose to work with CDFIs because of the work that we do. Historically, CDFIs have been a conduit to support funding efforts in communities most impacted by systematic barriers.

The loan was attainable to the average small business owner, requiring minimal paperwork and allowing for lower credit scores than what we’ve seen in the past. Clients were able to receive their funds quickly, within a matter of weeks, and this was important as there was a great need for capital.”

Conley emphasized the importance of having the right partners in the right place at the right time, saying “It was a direct emergency response program, and every partner was on one accord with one goal: to get the funds into the hands of the business owners. This concerted effort allowed business owners to better weather the uncertainty of the pandemic.

The program design and success of the California Rebuilding Loan Fund clearly demonstrated the importance of being responsive to the needs of the community and creating accessible, affordable, and easily deployable programs.

The Fund is a viable template for future community investment across the nation, not just for emergency loans, but for any loan programs serving under-resourced communities.”

Access Plus Capital was privileged to be one of twelve CDFIs in California selected to participate in the California Rebuilding Loan Fund. During the course of the program, APC provided 36 loans to struggling entrepreneurs, pre-loan and post-loan technical assistance, and deployed $1.9 million in capital.

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