Recently, we sat down with Kattia and asked her to share a little about herself, her role at Access Plus Capital, and why she loves helping small business owners achieve their goals.

While Kattia’s job title is Technical Assistance Specialist, she also provides a lot of the coaching, guidance, and financial analysis that we provide our local small businesses. Let’s get to know one of the people most responsible for our clients’ pre and post-loan success.

First, tell me a little bit about your background. What did you do before you became part of the Access Plus Capital team? 

Before joining the Access Plus Capital Team, I have spent most of my professional life in Customer Service for the Banking, Insurances, and Services Sectors. Because of my passion for helping people I have been able to both learn and advance in those fields.


What do you do at Access Plus Capital?

As a Technical Assistance Specialist, I provide pre-training, post-training, and Technical Assistance to Clients, conducting frequent visits to clients’ locations to review their business performance and needs, help implement business strategies to help them reach their potential success.


What is your favorite part of working at Access Plus Capital?

First of all, I like the team environment. I also enjoy knowing are making a difference in our community, we’re a great resource to small and diverse businesses.


What is your favorite part of working with business owners?

What I enjoy the most about working with business owners, is seeing their entrepreneurial dream become a success and helping them get there. I enjoy being a contributor to our community in this way.


What’s the latest project you worked on? What was unique about it?

The last project I worked on is the Fresno Hub Grant Lottery, I had a great experience being a part of that amazing project from beginning to end. We were able to award a substantial amount of businesses to ease the current burden of the COVID-19 with this program.


What are some of your outside of work hobbies and interests? 

My favorite hobby is traveling, exercise, swimming, football, soccer and of course nothing better than a good BBQ with friends and the ones you love!


Want to become one of the many business owners that Joi has coached toward success? Click here to learn more about Access Plus Capital’s small business loan programs.