Meet Senior Manager of Credit Jason Gridiron. A banking industry veteran, Jason brings years of experience to his role at Access Plus Capital.


First, tell me a little bit about your background. What did you do before you became part of the Access Plus Capital team?

I have been in the banking industry for sixteen years with eight of those years in small business credit analysis and management in the banking and CDFI industries. I am in my second stint with the agency where I served as Credit Manager from 2012 to 2016. Came back to the agency in 2018 as Credit Manager but with less of a management role. During my time away, I worked as a Credit Officer and Risk Portfolio Analyst at a traditional bank. Now I serve as the Senior Manager—Credit for Access Plus Capital.


What do you do at Access Plus Capital?

I currently oversee and manage the entire credit department, which includes the loan processing team.


What is your favorite part of working at Access Plus Capital?

I enjoy the work and the opportunities we create for business owners and the community. I also enjoy my co-workers and they make it fun to clock in every day.


What is your favorite part of working with business owners?

It is very rewarding to be part of success stories and seeing dreams come to fruition.


What’s the latest project you worked on? What was unique about it?

A recent project that I worked on was a Laundromat. It was very unique because it aligned perfectly with our mission. The business is minority owned and serves a low-to-moderate income community.


What are some of your outside of work hobbies and interests?

I enjoy playing music, love sports, traveling, and spending time with my family.

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