Imoisili, EsosaImoisili joined the Access Plus Capital team in March 2019 as the Technical Assistant Analyst, guiding clients through their business endeavors once they completed the loan process. With over 20 years of experience in the finance and insurance sector, Imoisili brings expertise in sales, marketing, client outreach and loan management. Imoisili received his Bachelor of Arts at Shepherd University and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University.

What is your role at Access Plus Capital?

“I manage the relationships with our businesses after they become our client. Since we are a mission driven agency, there are a lot of resources and knowledge we provide to help our clients grow. We are forming relationships, meeting new people, helping businesses and doing site visits. At Access Plus Capital, I get to see the passion that burns within our business owners when they talk about their business and that fuels me to help anyway I can to see them succeed.”

What is the best part about working with businesses?

“My favorite part is going out and meeting people at their place of business. I look at our business owners as an organic network where we can all learn from each other. In my position, it’s great to help facilitate that growth and learn along the way about the different dynamic problems that businesses face daily. It is a partnership and my goal is to help that business succeed and at the same time use that information to help another business that may face the same challenges. It’s a challenge but one that is worthwhile and fulfilling.”

What drives your passion to serve clients?

“The goal is to help people because when you help people everything else falls into place. I don’t have to choose between a company’s objectives and helping a business grow. Working with Access Plus Capital made sense on so many different levels. It is different here compared to a for-profit company. It’s about how can we help businesses thrive, so these companies can give back to the community. That’s one of the biggest things I love about this job. That’s what fuels my passion to help people.”

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