We recently sat down with Janay E. Conley, Business Development Manager at Access Plus Capital. When she’s not hosting karaoke parties for her friends, Janay is helping small businesses get the capital they need to start their own small business. Learn more about Janay below:


First, tell me a little bit about your background. What did you do before you became part of the Access Plus Capital team?

Prior to being a part of the Access Plus Capital team, I worked in traditional banking for local community banks for about 14 years. I also was a business instructor for Heald College for four of those years.  I first started my banking career working as a commercial loan assistant and was promoted to a business banking associate. As my career progressed, I found myself working several years in the Small Business Administration department for another local community bank. In addition, for two other local community banks one as a loan officer and the other as a credit analysis and loan closer for their small business administration (SBA) department.  It was through my years working in the SBA department that I development a deep passion for the small business owners that help sustain our local and beautiful economy.


What do you do at Access Plus Capital?

I am one of the Business Development Managers. Serving the Fresno and Northern Region of the Central Valley. I work in collaboration with our community partners, to assist and connect business owners in underserved communities with capital and technical assistance to help them launch, grown and sustain their business.


What is your favorite part of working at Access Plus Capital?

My favorite part of working with Access Plus Capital is serving our business owners and being a part of aiding them in their business dreams and goals. I also love serving my community in this capacity because I get to be apart of helping and assisting those businesses, that would not otherwise have an opportunity for funding.  Providing hope and support to our business owners is what drives me every day.


What is your favorite part of working with business owners?

My job is extremely rewarding.  Every day I wake excited about the opportunity to serve my community. As a former teacher and with a 25 year background in business, I love to teach business owners financial literacy, provide funding and witnessing their success as a small business owner. Their success is like receiving a golden ticket for me;  it truly fills my cup.


What’s the latest project you worked on? What was unique about it?

This one makes me want to cry… Recently, I was able to secure financing for an African-American business owner that had been trying to receive financing through traditional bank loans for over 25 years.  That business owner had given up hope. When I told the business owner that their loan was approved, they started to cry over the phone, which of course made me cry.  The business owner was so grateful. That’s the work that I get to do everyday and I thank God for such a wonderful opportunity.


What are some of your outside of work hobbies and interests?

Haha… to my close friends they know me as an inspired Karaoke DJ; hosting karaoke parties for close friends. My heart is a song. I absolutely love music, singing and trivia.

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