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In the heart of Access Plus Capital (APC), there’s a dedicated individual who’s not just part of the team but a crucial bridge between the organization and the communities we serve. Meet Kattia Gomez, our Portfolio Quality Analyst, whose unique background, love for languages, and unwavering commitment to our CDFI mission have made her an invaluable asset.


Kattia’s Role at Access Plus Capital: Building Bridges to Success

In her role as the Portfolio Quality Analyst at Access Plus Capital, Kattia Gomez serves as a vital link between our organization and our clients. She collaborates closely with internal departments such as Business Services, Underwriting, Processing, and Finance to provide professional and accurate support to our clients. Access Plus Capital, as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is committed to the financial success of our clients, and Kattia plays a crucial role in making this happen.


A Background Rooted in Finance and Entrepreneurship

Kattia’s journey began in Costa Rica, where her father’s entrepreneurial spirit kindled her interest in sales and business. Visiting her father’s shoe factory, she built her soft skills and developed a profound love for numbers. At the age of 29, Kattia took a bold step, leaving her home country for the USA – a life decision driven by a thirst for new experiences.

Coming from a diverse background with experience in both private and public banks, Kattia honed her financial administration skills. Today, at APC, Kattia plays a pivotal role in enhancing our processes and safeguarding our clients’ financial well-being. Her responsibilities span various domains, including accounting, client management, and compliance.


Language as a Bridge to Success

One of Kattia’s most remarkable talents is her bilingualism. She’s not just fluent in Spanish and English but has even ventured into learning Japanese at one point. Her experience attending bilingual schools in her youth gave her a profound understanding of the challenges posed by language barriers.

At APC, Kattia’s linguistic prowess transcends the role of interpreter. It’s a powerful tool that helps us connect with the Hispanic community, making them feel at ease. This ability to bridge the language gap aligns perfectly with APC’s mission to provide financial resources and guidance to all, regardless of language barriers.


Empowering Communities through Access Plus Capital and CDFI

Kattia’s work directly benefits the communities and individuals that Access Plus Capital serves. By building strong financial relationships with clients, offering support during the life of their loans, and guiding them toward success, she embodies our mission as a CDFI. 

In Kattia’s view, the CDFI mission is paramount because it embraces people’s dreams and goals where other financial institutions might not take the risk. APC’s contributions to the community change lives and uplift dreams, making the CDFI mission indispensable.


Parting Lessons and a Call to Action

Kattia’s parting advice for those inspired to make a difference and contribute to APC’s success is clear: for organizations, continued funding is crucial to support CDFIs’ impactful work, and for individuals, she encourages those with a passion for community service to keep pushing forward. It’s gratifying to see dreams come true, and with determination and commitment, the possibilities are endless.

Kattia Gomez’s journey, expertise, and dedication are a testament to the power of determination and community engagement. She not only enriches Access Plus Capital but also empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their dreams. It is a pleasure to highlight Kattia Gomez.


Learn More about Access Plus Capital

If you’re inspired by Kattia’s story and want to discover how Access Plus Capital helps entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their dreams through our loan products and technical assistance programs, we invite you to explore our website and get in touch with us today. Together, we can make dreams a reality.

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