In this month’s employee spotlight, we shine a light on Ernest, the Portfolio Manager at Access Plus Capital (APC). Ernest’s story is one of dedication, compassion, and a commitment to helping small businesses thrive.

As the portfolio manager, Ernest oversees the day-to-day operations of APC’s loan portfolio. His primary responsibility is to manage loan payments from all borrowers. Each month, he diligently ensures that every payment is received by pulling reports and following up on any non-payment issues. This requires him to employ creative strategies and build strong relationships with borrowers, ultimately maintaining a high repayment rate.

What sets APC apart is its dedication to being resourceful and supportive of its clients, especially when they face hardships or difficulties in their businesses. Unlike other lenders who often resort to foreclosure or liquidation processes, APC takes a different approach. Ernest and his team first explore options to restructure loans or interest payments, offering assistance with financial forecasting. They prioritize helping clients before considering repossession or delinquency, aligning with APC’s mission and core values of building trust and leaving no dreams behind.

Ernest’s motivation to join APC stems from his personal experience. Growing up, he witnessed his mother, a sole proprietor, navigate the challenges of running a business. He was humbled by the opportunity to assist businesses similar to his mother’s when he joined APC. His inspiration lies in providing his community with access to vital business lending, empowering local entrepreneurs and fostering economic development.

The impact Ernest has made through his role is evident in the high repayment percentage achieved by APC. By effectively collecting payments from current borrowers, the organization can redistribute these funds back into the community to support new clients with much-needed funding. This cyclical process of funding and refund recycling creates opportunities for sustained economic growth.

When asked about advice for others, Ernest emphasizes the importance of collaboration with community partners and organizations. He encourages leveraging these relationships to spread awareness about the mission of CDFIs. Ernest acknowledges that reaching untapped borrowers who are unaware of the opportunities provided by CDFIs would be a monumental task on his own. Through networking, co-hosting events, and sharing the CDFI mission, Ernest has experienced the power of collective impact. By connecting with others, he has significantly increased the reach and influence of APC, making a meaningful difference in his community.
Ernest also highlights the need to extend CDFI education and resources to even the smallest towns, which often lack access to such information. By reaching these communities, APC can empower more entrepreneurs, enhance financial literacy, and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

Ernest’s dedication and passion for his work at Access Plus Capital exemplify the values and mission of the organization. Through his role as Portfolio Manager, he continues to make a positive impact by supporting local businesses, fostering financial stability, and spreading awareness about the invaluable services provided by CDFIs.

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