Fresno CDFI Sponsors Week of Discovering Business Opportunities for a Better Blackstone

The Better Blackstone Association is excited to announce our Week of Discovering Business Opportunities for a Better Blackstone, November 16-19, 2015! With experts from various fields of corridor revitalization, we’ll be offering a number opportunities to learn and connect with others who believe a “Better Blackstone Means a Better Fresno!”  Michele Reeves from CIVILIS Consulting,…

Greg and Beth Smith – Click Co, LLC

A protein drink that tastes like a coffee house gourmet coffee drink? It sounds like an active person’s dream come true! But the Greg and Beth Smith’s personal dream of expanding the product line with new flavors was halted when our economic environment took a turn for the worse; banks were leery of lending, let alone to a start-up business. When they turned to Fresno CDFI the couple was able to secure $30,000 for the expansion and promotion of a new product line.